Thomas G Kuhn
Film & Television Los Angeles

Thomas G Kuhn has had vast experience in the entertainment industry as studio executive (Warner Bros. TV), network television executive (NBC), corporate executive (RCA Video), and independent producer. He has produced television movies, series and mini-series, as well as Home Video projects, and Theatrical Feature Films.

Perhaps Mr Kuhn’s main claim to fame was when he was Vice President in Charge of Production for Warner Bros. TV and supervised the series Kung Fu. Bruce Lee was desperate for the part and gave an unauthorised audition for Tom in his office, the famous fist managing to stop a fraction of an inch from Tom’s chin.

He has worked with some of Hollywood’s  most iconic directors and stars including Robert Altman, Jean- Luc Godard, Nicholas Roeg, Bruce Beresford and Ken Russell. Stars included Diane Keaton,
Elliot Gould and Jane Fonda.