Sally James
Creative Consultant

Sally James will need no introduction from the generation brought up on TISWAS. TISWAS was recently voted the 20th most popular ITV show of all time. Though a massive success in the late 70's and 80's she is still getting fan mail today!!

She started out as an actress appearing in nearly every major soap or long running drama series of the 70' and 80's and even found time to make a half dozen movies. Then  London Weekend Television hired Sally for a Saturday morning children’s show, Saturday Scene – a show that revolutionised children’s Saturday mornings – before joining one CHRIS TARRANT in Birmingham! . Today her media career includes guesting on shows like Ready Steady Cook and Bargain Hunt and presenting her own breakfast radio show for Southern Counties. Sally also hosts Business Affairs for Brooklands Radio.

In tandem with her broadcasting career she has been running her own hugely successful clothing and design company, Unismart, for many years.

Sally brings her huge experience of the media and her successful business acumen to the company.