Mike Smith
Chief Executive

Mike Smith's long career in the television and management business has encompassed artists as diverse as SPIKE MILLIGAN, THE ROLLING STONES and JOHN CLEESE.  He cut his teeth as Programme Manager for DAVID FROST in the 70's and running a vast department of some 400 production personnel for London Weekend Television before departing full time for the music business – A & R at Decca then General Manager at GTO.

He was responsible for co-ordinating the careers of, amongst many others, RICK WAKEMAN,  BILLY OCEAN, BRUCE FOXTON, ADAM & THE ANTs, LINDA LUSARDI and  HAZEL O’CONNOR…he even brought the SMURFS to the UK !!

Since setting up his own companies, he has been involved in either the management or production of over 700 theatrical shows at all the main venues in the UK. His work has taken him all over the world producing/managing artists or shows as far apart as China, South Africa, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and USA

Wherever he's travelled he's picked up awards whether it was the Gold Prize at the Tokyo Music Festival or the Art Designers and Directors Award for TV  Series LONDON BRIDGE  This merely reflects the incredible diversity of the man who launched the likes of BILLY OCEAN in America, who discovered ADAM & The ANTS and BOBBY DAVRO.

Mike has also found the time for the many charities he supports including Guide Dogs for the Blind, Prostate Cancer and MacMillans producing and directing many charity shows throughout Europe and Great Britain including the Royal Albert Hall.  He is Chairman of Oxshott Royals Senior FC and has been Non-Exec Director at Kingstonian FC and at League 2 Aldershot Town.

He's probably one of the finest managers and producers of his generation.