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Letters From Sam is made up of three young English song-writers. Sam Shepherd (19), the lead singer/pianist attended performing arts school and has been working as a singer all over the UK. Josh Smith (22; Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Drums and Percussion) and Josh Cooper (23; Bass Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Saxophone and Backing Vocals) are multi-instrumentalists and song-writers who met at Warwick University.

Sam was discovered by the Talent Agency for his ethereal, yet commercial voice, and was ultimately put together with Josh and Josh as an experiment. The band first met up in 2012 and wrote 14 songs in 3 days !  Since then, despite busy schedules they have written and demoed over 25 songs (published by TTA Music/Catalyst Music). The band has also performed at University Balls and on BBC Radio, re-arranging their songs to be performed by three people (instead of the full band lineup they often aim for in their demos). 

In November 2013, the band recorded their 5 song EP. The song “My Song” will be featured on Soccer Am and “Talk is Cheap” and “Fly Away” are to be featured (for the second time) on BBC Radio Devon.

The band are currently gearing up for the release of the EP. Since Graduating Warwick, Josh Smith is currently finishing law school and Josh Cooper is interviewing for medical school. Sam is singing at holiday parks to hone his craft and the whole band is working hard to arrange gigs and studio time. They are continuing to write in their spare time and are looking to record further tracks and perform even more gigs in 2014!  

The band's material sounds similar to commercial pop acts such as One Direction and Ed Sheeran, but with some vocal inspiration from the likes of Adele, rhythmic inspiration from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and other indie acts, and guitar inspiration from Prince. This makes for a very interesting sound and the band therefore have a mixture of indie pop, rock, ballads and acoustic numbers.


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